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What is a Park Home?

We are manufacturers of what are known as “park homes”. The name derives from the fact that they are usually sited on residential or holiday “parks.”

They are legally classed as a mobile home. They arrive on site on a lorry and are manoeuvred to the siting position via an axle and wheel arrangement under each half of the home. Hence “mobile”.

They are far from what the person in the street would regard as a caravan however. They are constructed on a heavy duty pre-stressed steel chassis and are built to conform to BS3632. The homes are akin to a luxury bungalow with every modern convenience you might aspire to.

How long will a Manor Park Home last?

We know that our early homes are still around today, nearly 30 years on. They are built to high industry standards, our craftsmanship is renowned – so rest assured your Manor Park home is built to last.

Will you install my own fixtures and fittings?

If you are designing a bespoke home with us, we will be happy to install certain fixtures and fittings if pre- agreed at the quotation stage.

Will my home be warm enough?

Our homes are built to the very highest specifications with high tolerances to ensure heat retention and energy efficiency. The insulation used within the construction of all our homes is of extremely high quality and energy-efficient, low-emissivity glass is used in all window and doors. Full central heating is installed with energy-efficient combination boilers.

Can I put a park home or lodge on my own land?

You will need to get permission to site a mobile home from your Local Authority. We can supply you with a floor plan and elevation for your home which the Local Authority will need in order to consider your application. The best initial course of action would be for you to have an informal conversation with a planning officer at your Local Authority who will indicate if permission is likely to be granted. If the planning officer has specific requirements we can help incorporate these into the design of your home.

What’s maximum home size Manor Park builds?

All of Manor’s homes can be built in a variety of lengths up to 20m (65½’) and widths up to 6.8m (22′) with an interior height of no more than 3m

What is siting?

Siting is the transportation of the finished home from the factory to your chosen site, by the transportation company. Your home will be transported in two or more parts. The transportation company will unload and join up the parts on site. You must make sure the groundworks are level and completed by this point to ensure the home is properly sited. Siting also includes interior finishing to the carpets and walls, connecting up the mains services (water, electricity and gas), adding the exterior drainpipes, and completely sealing the home so it’s weather proof.